Tibetan singing bowls

There are various ancient equipment and techniques which are still used and practiced in the present world as the techniques are proven to be beneficial for the mankind.Tibetan Singing bowl techniques are one of the ancient techniques which are practiced in the healing and meditation processes. There are some kind of sound and music which have positive impact on our brain cells causing changes in  brain waves.Similarly the vibrating sound of the singing bowl are used as the as a  authentic medium for meditation and chakra healing.

Generally made from a bronze alloy containing copper, tin, zinc, iron, silver, gold and nickel; Tibetan singing bowl is a kind of standing bell played by rubbing or striking its rim with a wooden or a leather-wrapped mallet.This causes the sides and rim of the bowl to vibrate, producing a rich sound which is beneficial for healing and meditation processes. Authentically singing bowls have inherently connection with Asia, singing bowls were historically made throughout Asia especially in Nepal, Tibet, China India and Japan.

Uses of Tibetan singing bowl

Tibetan singing bowls are used for


 Spiritual practice

 Holistic healing, 

 Chakra healing/balancing,

 Intercultural music,

 Stress reduction,

 Deep relaxation and,

 Reiki- ( a healing technique in which the therapist or healer channels his or her energy into patients body).

The vibrating sound of Tibetan singing bowl  reduces stress, physical and emotional strain. Singing bowls are said to be beneficial for mind, body and soul.

Singing bowl meditation

Singing bowl meditation is a kind of passive meditation.Singing bowls vibrate to produce sounds that initiate deep sate of relaxation which subordinates one in interning into meditation.Singing bowls provides reinforcement for sheer delightful meditation.

Singing bowls are used in meditation process as their unusual sustained sound can be used as a focus for mindfulness.The various frequencies produced from different sizes of singing bowls are said to affect different parts of the body and chakras in a positive way.

How does singing bowl work on meditation and healing processes?

Harmonics of the singing bowl helps to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of the diseased parts of the mind, body and soul. The vibrating sound from Tibetan singing bowls reinforces brain to move into the Theta brain wave frequencies that induce deep meditative states. The sound of the singing bowls affects the brain wave pattern which is beneficial for the brain cells which reinforces relaxation and mindfulness. The nervous system gets impacted due to the sound vibrations of the singing bowl which engages relaxation reflex inhibiting the stress or pain response. The dynamic vibrating sound of the singing bowl can redress imbalances on every level of physiologic functioning and can play a positive role in treatment of any medical disorder healing all seven chakras.

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