How to relax mind, body and soul?

Today in our ultra-modern era- we’re living a busy, unhealthy, and complicated lifestyle. Most of us barely give time to ourselves. We’re too busy with cellphones, social media and dozen of other ways that are probably looming on. Yet, things can get quite distressed with all the information coming  on from all the direction but the question is are we relaxed enough? Are we free enough from all these complicate lifestyle? The question is do we have a peaceful mind, healthy body and a true soul?

How to relax mind, body and soul?

Relaxation is necessary for rejuvenation, recovery and internal healing.To have a good life we need to make time for these things too, on a daily basis. To relax the body, mind and soul yoga, meditation and breathing techniques play a vital role.  


Everything is depends upon our breath, everything in our body functions between an inhale and exhale.We often ignore our breath, breath is something that connects our body and mind. A breath plays a very important role in managing our mind and body.There is some rhythm in the breath and this rhythm connects the rhythm of your thoughts, the rhythm of your thoughts, your emotions. Breathing techniques (Pranayama: changing the flow of breath) can help in stress relief and relaxation.


Mediation is just to be, not doing anything at all- bodily, mentally, on level, when all the activity is ceased and you simply are, just being, relaxing, that’s what meditation is. Meditation is a sheer delight. It is one of the best way to relax your mind, body and the part of spirituality where your soul feels the unleashing power.

With meditation the internal dialogue ceases then the mind settles,as the body and the mind are connected when the mind clears up and relaxes the body begins to relax too as almost everything that happens in our body,it happens through our mind. meditation minimizes the distress, relaxing the min, body and then the soul.


Most of us often think that just going to the gym and cranking out a workout is the right way to relax ourselves. But can you see how stressful this pace is. while exercising our physical body doesn’t do much for our mind and our stress levels. Yoga includes breathing techniques which relaxes both body and mind.Yoga unites body mind and the spirit.Yoga brings sheer delight, yoga is indispensable. Yoga is is not just a physical exercise its an emotional integration, spiritual alleviation,with the tough of mystic element.


Sometimes less is more,just a simple things like taking a hot shower,sitting in the evening breeze,lighting some scented candles can help in de-stressing, you just have to give yourself time to relax. Listening to good music,letting out frustrations and worries to a close friend. spending time with people whom you like being around with can also help in relaxation and rejuvenation.

Relaxing techniques varies from person to person,there are different things that people find relaxing. At the end of the day its all about giving time to yourself to relax, in order to  have a peaceful mind, healthy body and a true soul.

Girl sits in asana position prayer gesturing. Concept of healthy lifestyle and relaxation
Meditation in the a park on a warm summer day

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